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What Residential Clients Are Saying..

I’ve known DeAnza capital and Jim Nelson for over 20 years and to be able to say that you have a professional watching out for your mortgage at all times is very reassuring! His service has even included letting me know when refinancing rates were appropriate for me to be able to save money and refinance. He is very sharp and I can confidently say there is no one that knows this business better.

-Kory Blythe

If you are looking to refinance or get a new loan De Anza Capital is what you need. Jim is extremely helpful and goes out of his way to make sure you get the best rate possible at lowest closing cost. I have used Jim and his company for two refinances now and both times it went smoothly and easily. I

-Njegos Krunic

I can’t say enough about the great customer service and exceptional support we received at De Anza. I’ll never use another mortgage company again! They have great rates, are super friendly, and make the loan process smooth and painless… if you are looking for a mortgage, look no further! Thanks Jim and Suzanne!

-Jacob Davis

DeAnza is a full service organization. We have bought houses, sold houses, originated mortgages, refinanced and purchased insurance. Honest and trustworthy to say the least. I cannot give a higher recommendation.

-Matt Troester

Jim was great in finding the right loan at the perfect timing. Highly recommend De Anza!!!

-Steve Vereb

Outstanding customer service, always trying to get me the best rate to save $$$$. I highly recommend you work with De Anza Capital Inc!!!!!

-Markham McHenry

I started working with De Anza Capital 17 years ago after becoming frustrated with mortgage brokers recommended by other friends. The experience was immediately different, immediately more professional, immediately much more satisfying. I’ve never looked back since, and have recommended them to many other friends who are now long-time customers as well. I simply would not consider going anywhere else, and love the service and attention I continue to receive from them. Quite simply the best in the business.

-Mark Allred

My husband and I have been repeatedly impressed and delighted with all of our financial experiences with De Anza Capital, Inc. Jim Nelson has made each mortgage and refinance of our properties a remarkably quick and stress free process. We have purchased several properties in the past 30 years and there has never been a company that has handled the process so quickly and efficiently as Jim Nelson, De Anza Capital. He is detailed and efficient in every way, and always finds the very best rates available for each of our situations. I have recommended him to my closest friends and my family and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a full service mortgage broker!

-Kelly Damaska

De Anza Capital has helped me with several mortgages and refinances. I can’t recommend him enough. He can tackle complications and tight timeframes better than anyone I’ve encountered. He does it with the highest levels professionalism, industry knowledge, and a customized experience for each of his clients. You can trust that he will find you the best rate, but he’ll also make sure it is the right loan for you.

-Christy Campbell

Just completed a refinance with De Anza Capital. Jim and Suzanne kept me informed every step of the way and made the process simple and painless. They made sure that all of my “paperwork” was in order, which made everything go smoothly. They are very dedicated to their customers.

-Steve Hedberg

I have been delighted with the results of my most recent financial experience with De Anza Capital, Inc. Jim Nelson in particular has been entirely trustworthy in handling my refinance, and my new home mortgage. The remarkably quick and detailed turnarounds of my requests have been beyond any 8 to 5 job. A reputation is something that must be earned over time – through my twenty plus years of experience with Jim – his reliability and honesty are personality traits that have earned him my trust. Rest assured that your trust will not misplaced.

-Tom Turner

My mortgage experience was the best I have had. Excellent communication and I always knew what was going on right up until closing when all the numbers matched exactly what the loan officer said they would be. For a great experience get your mortgage here!

-Denny Andrews

Repeat customer of De Anza Capital Inc. Very pleased with their high level of integrity and quick execution on loans processing. What they tell you is precisely what you get (if not better). Very competitive interest rates and absolutely no junk fees ..!

-Eric Chikando

We have used Jim & Suzanne @ De Anza Capital for everything from home mortgages and re-financing to home and car insurance. They make it so easy! Professional, efficient, and honest. Never worked with a better company.

-Troy Sollars

My wife and I have used De Anza Capital for about 10 years now and refinanced 3 times and just finished our 3rd refinance. I have to say that Jim and Suzanne are super stars. They care,work with you to make sure you get the best rates,professional advice and take you through the process flawlessly. I highly recommend using them for all your Mortgage needs. Thank you so very much De Anza.. fondly , Michael and MaryEllen

-Michael Klein

Hands down one of the best Loan Originators I have worked with over the past 20+ years. Jim knows his stuff and looks out for his clients.

-Rich Griffin

I’ve done a refi and a new home loan with Jim Nelson at DeAnza Capital. Both have been fantastic! Jim does a great job!

-Mark Alexander

I recommend them, good interest rate and no fee just like they said.

-Ausher Zia

Met Jim Nelson when my buyer client, who had used him for a previous refinance, used De Anza Capital to purchase a new home. Top rate service. We closed a week early and Jim had the docs at escrow nearly a week before that!

-Mario Micheli

Returns calls 7 days a week and has the lowest rate loans in town. What else can you ask for? I give him the 5 cheeseburger rating…

-Mike krause

De Anza Capital, Inc. would love to hear from you.